ODIN - Algorithmic Trading is a special stock trading software that facilitates auto-execution of the trades based on the selected strategies. Various Momentum & Arbitrage-based strategies are available to help the user to take advantage of short term trading opportunities with an aim to capitalise on the existing market trends. This stock trading software can be used to take advantage of arbitrage/ spread opportunities that exist across the Cash and Futures or Calendar Spread in various Exchanges to cater the segments like Commodities, Currency, Equities and Derivatives. The application has a built-in intelligence to search for the opportunities that exist in the market as per the yield and other criteria defined by the user.


Momentum based single-leg strategy to spread-based multi-leg strategy up to 6 legs.

Multiple Options to calculate Spread available.

Control the order modification range.

Option of threshold to ensure complete and planned execution of lots

Automatically revise the target spreads based on execution plan

Intelligent Square off mode to enable the dealers to clear the books before the markets are closed for the day

Options to control the direction of execution

Choose from a wide list of Momentum, Spread, Options and Execution-based strategies

Value Proposition

Enables automatic calculation and execution of complex strategies without the need for any form of human intervention

Application performs complex calculations based on the predefined parameters on a continual and real-time basis in microsecond speeds

Enables Members to execute strategies for Proprietary Trades or on behalf of their clients

Enables Members to run multiple strategies in a single application