ODIN BOTODIN Bot is an automated chat bot which can respond to chat based queries, provide information like news, portfolio holdings, market price, ledger balance, last transactions and transact into multiple systems to setup alerts, notifications, purchase, redeem, etc. The application is cloud-based and uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to deliver customer delight.


Save Costs - By eliminating dependence on customer care executives

Service large number of clients simultaneously - Human agent availability is not a limiting factor

24X7 & 365 days availability - Chat bot can work consistently and continuously without the need of a break

Availability across multiple platforms - Twitter, FB Messenger, Skype or Telegram and/ or your own business application like ODIN Wave

Consistent and accurate - Removal of human intervention brings consistency & accuracy in communication

One stop solution for client queries - Integrate with multiple sources at the back end via APIs, to provide any sort of business relevant information

Talk freely - Client can use chat language with short words & unstructured sentences, as if interacting with a human agent and the Bot will understand

Self-Enhancing system - The system is self-learning and becomes more enriched over time as the number of queries rise

Cloud architecture - Bots are always available and responsive irrespective of the time of the day or additional loads during high traffic periods