Exe Based Trading Application: For High-end Retail InvestorsAn application based trading front office solution enabling end clients to connect to their brokers’ servers via the Internet. One of the best trading software, ODIN Diet is light-weight, easily downloadable, facilitates efficient trading and incorporates many appealing features required by active clients.


Market Feed and Order Management

  • Real-time market data for multiple exchanges
  • Smart order execution between multiple exchanges
  • Market watch in MS-Excel format
  • Dynamic portfolio
  • Basket trading

Alerts and Scanners

  • Scrip and Option Alerts
  • Event Scanner
  • Advanced Tick Watch
  • Condition-based alerts
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • Two Factor Authentication

Decision Support Tools

  • Greek Neutraliser & Greek Market Watch
  • Pivot Point Support/ Resistance Watch
  • Heat Map and Conditional Ticker, Expiry Strategy
  • Numerous Calculators (Pivots, Options, Extension, Retracement)
  • News Module (In-house, Heckyl)
  • Research Calls/ Recommendation
  • Real-time Charts

Seamless Integration

  • Back-Office
  • Mutual Fund Module
  • IPO Module
  • In-house News
  • 3rd Party News and RSS Feeds

Unmatched User Experience

  • Compact self-installable kit
  • Optional UI themes and customisable views
  • Automatic new version updates

Fund Management

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Fund Allocation and Withdrawal
  • Depository Holdings View (User Portfolio)

Value Proposition

Multi-exchange, multi-segment access through a single application

Calculation of mark-to-market (MTM) profit and loss on real-time basis

Real-time streaming quotes and facility to directly place orders

Market Watch to add any number of scrips

Highest level of encryption with SSL

Efficient backup for placed orders and trades

Efficient and scalable

User customisable layouts

Seamlessly integrated Mutual Fund and IPO platform