ODIN™ Institutional Trading SoftwareThis trading software empowers dealers with single console operations to accept buy-side orders and execute the orders efficiently. It is a FIX compliant solution that enhances level of operational ease and execution efficiency and facilitates trading on multiple exchange segments.

ODIN Institutional Trading Software can be integrated with any FIX-compliant order management system (OMS) to enable institutional clients with seamless connectivity to the Indian capital market.


Trade Execution and Order Management

  • Integrated Market Watch
  • Client order creation locally through order entry screen
  • Smart Order Routing
  • Institutional Order Book
  • Value-based Order Entry Support
  • Advanced Order Working Features
  • Linking and Unlinking of executed orders to a parent order
  • Time and Volume-based Slicing
  • Auto Slicing with one-touch order submission
  • Deal Ticket Generation

Power User Options

  • Indication of Interest (IOI)
  • Auto Rollover
  • Auto Slicing
  • Post Trade Allocations
  • Trade Burst feature for modification of Erroneous Execution
  • NOE (Notice of Execution)
  • Trade Confirmation
    • Manual Fills
    • Trade-by-Trade
    • Consolidated

Risk Management

  • Robust Rule-Based Risk Management Framework
  • Template-based Risk Settings
  • Over 132 Pre-Trade and Post Trade Risk Checks
  • Real-Time Market-wide Limits
  • FII Watch
  • NRI Limit Monitoring

Administration Module

  • User Management
  • Rejected Order Workflow
  • Risk Alerts
  • Template based Client Risk Preferences
  • Panic Withdrawal facility
  • Client-Wise Execution Style Management
  • Algo-Order Entry Template Management

FIX Connectivity

  • Supports In-Bound as well as Out Bound Messages
  • Supports Care, DMA, One-Touch as well as Algo Orders
  • Ability to interface with Proprietary In- House FIX based applications
  • 24x7 Availability for Inbound Orders
  • Global FIX Network Connectivity with Bloomberg, Marco Polo, Fidessa, Reuters

Direct Market Access (DMA) Execution

  • Supports One-Touch and DMA Orders in addition to care orders
  • SEBI Compliant Risk Management for DMA Orders
  • Supports order routing with SEDOL, CUSIP, ISIN, RIC, Bloomberg and Exchange provided codes

Sales Trader

  • Choice to assign client order either to self or to any/ all dealer(s)
  • Capture FIX care orders from External Order Management System
  • Modification/ Cancellation/ Assignment of order requests to dealers
  • Facility to upload client orders

Decision Support Tools

  • Combined Market Depth Across Exchanges
  • Initial Margin Calculator
  • VWAP Calculator

Execution Algos

  • TWAP+ allows splitting the entire order quantity evenly into multiple slices in the specified time frame
  • VWAP+ allows to split the entire order quantity into multiple slices as per the historical/user defined volume curve
  • Iceberg allows large orders to be split into smaller child orders and placed with minimum market impact by not exposing the intended volume to be executed
  • Volume Trigger captures existing market volume based on the user-defined limit price. Captures liquidity without creating market impact
  • Percentage of Volume (POV): The stock market software enables the user to execute a large order as per user-defined participation percentage applicable to incremental market volume
  • Price Range Participation: It enables the user to manage the average execution price by defining participation rates for specific price bands. Enables varying degrees of participation depending on the price fluctuation
  • Implementation Short Fall: It enables the user to execute large quantity by varying the participation percentage according to the change in market price. Enables the user to define initial, minimum and maximum participation based on the market trend. Facilitates concept of user defined ‘Arrival Price’ for benchmarking of price