ODIN Smart Order Routing (SOR)ODIN Smart Order Routing (SOR) facility now available in ODIN Suite products (TWS) would facilitate the user to route the orders automatically for best execution at any of the recognised stock exchanges. The Smart Order Routing screen displays a combined market depth for the security selected. The user then has to input the quantity that he/ she intends to buy or sell. Based on this, the system will calculate the best VWAP and the value that the user can get considering the market depth, on both exchanges. The user can then submit the order for buy/ sell upon on which the system will place orders in either or both exchanges to achieve the VWAP for the intended quantity


Users can view combined market depth across recognised stock exchanges sorted on the best price

User can input the smart order Buy/ Sell Quantity based on which system calculates the Combined Buy/ Sell VWAP and Combined Buy/ Sell Value

The system will execute orders in either or both the exchanges to achieve the best VWAP for the quantity intended to be bought/ sold by the user

The system helps the user to hit the best available price considering the market depth on both the exchanges

Value Proposition

User can grab the best price at recognised exchanges

User can place order based on VWAP price