ODIN - Trading PlatformA unique and innovative trading platform that allows simplified trading in Multi-Exchanges, Multi-Segment Dealing Desk and Risk Management System through a single application. It incorporates appealing features and works on advanced technology which facilitates higher accessibility, ensuring speedy performance and advanced risk management.


Market Feed and Order Management

  • Integrated Market Watch, Arbitrage Watch and Derivatives Chain
  • Market Watch in Excel
  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Dynamic Portfolio
  • Bulk Order Entry
  • Grab Analysis
  • Basket Trading
  • Spread and Multi-Leg Order Entry
  • Grid Order Entry
  • Combined Best Five

Decision Support Tools

  • Heat Map and Conditional Ticker, Expiry Strategy
  • Numerous Calculators (Pivots, Options, Extension, Retracement etc.)
  • Greek Neutraliser and Greek Market Watch
  • Real-time Charts
  • Expression Builder
  • Condition Generator
  • News Module (In-house, Heckyl, etc.)
  • Research Calls/ Recommendation
  • Pivot Point Support/Resistance Watch

Administration Module

  • Multi-admin Support and User Management
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring: Gross Exposure, Margin Limits, etc.
  • Allowed and banned lists for various investor categories
  • Template-based Client Risk Preferences
  • Template based Quantity and Value Limit check
  • Auto Update for New Version and Binaries rollout
  • Panic Withdrawal Facility and Facilities Management
  • Risk Alerts
  • Offline Admin Option
  • Collateral Management
  • Product-wise/ Client-wise Brokerage inclusion in Margin
  • Template-based Quantity and Value Limit check
  • Complete Order Workflow

Risk Management

  • Robust Rule-based Risk Management Solutions
  • 132+ Pre -trade and Post-trade Risk Checks
  • Online Collateral Revaluation
  • Flexible Risk-based Alerts
  • Timer-based and Risk-based Auto Square off
  • Value based Selling for Risk Management Solutions
  • Product-wise Scrip Basket Template
  • Rule-based Client Risk Preferences
  • Template-based Quantity & Value Limit

Product Types

  • Margin/ Intra-day
  • Delivery
  • Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST)
  • Margin Trade Funding (MTF)
  • Margin Plus (Cover order)
  • Bracket Order

3rd Party Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Flexible API-based Integration: FIX based API, Broadcast API, IBT and STWT API
  • 3rd Party Application API for Order Management
  • Depository Gateway Integration
  • API for Back-office Integration
  • Integration with Third-party IVR Solution

Security and Disaster Recovery

  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • HA Switch (High Availability Solution)

Alerts and Scanners

  • Scrip Alerts and Options Alerts
  • Advanced Tick Watch and Filtered Watch
  • Event Scanner


  • High performance multi-threaded components
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • In-memory processing after startup
  • Ultra-low latency adapters and gateways
  • Componentised deployment
  • Very high order throughput per instance
  • Optimised Bandwidth Utilisation

Value Proposition

Risk Management

  • Rule-based Multi-Exchange Risk Management Engine encompassing exhaustive list of risk parameters
  • Easy to monitor Real-time Risk monitoring of position
  • Complete trade and system audit trail


  • Fast execution of orders
  • Stability/ Robustness
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scalability

Business Expansion

  • Extend trading across the country by using heterogeneous network
  • Centralised dealing desk for multiple exchange segments with minimal investment and easy manageability
  • Operational ease with extensive search and filtering options
  • Real-time connectivity to exchange and back-office system with seamless intersegment trading


Payment Gateway

Transfer funds real time from over 22 Banks or through 3 Payment Aggregators to increase your trading limit when you want to trade and not when your broker checks and updates the system. Payment Gateway is an interface which enables end users to transfer funds online to their trading account to increase the trading limits with the broker.

ODIN Feed Handler

An application which facilitates ‘broadcast distribution’ and ‘controlled broadcast’. Feed Handler supports heterogeneous networks and its inherent architecture supports multi-location business model of a broking house. Multiple variances of Feed Handlers like Web Feed Handler, MIS, LLFC (Low Latency Feed Cache), etc. are available as per the need of different Applications and network connectivity.

DP Gateway (Stock Upload) and Collateral Benefit

ODIN system provides for real time lien and release of holdings through integration with various Depository participants allowing brokers to provide margin benefits to its end clients with the need to actually liquidate his holdings.

Secure Surv (MSMQ Limit) Upload

Secure surveillance update facilitates real time automated risk management solutions without any human intervention. Reduction in time which involves generating and uploading limit files in front office. It is secures as input of limit is directly coming from Secure Surveillance utility. It can be easily integrated with any Back Office Software.


Real time Greek (Delta, Gamma, Theta and Rho) calculation for options trades to evaluate their risk and hedge the same with equity or futures contracts as per their preference. This module auto computes the Greeks for the trades executed through ODIN Terminals with need to upload or manually enter any values.

Password Mailer Utility

Password Mailer Utility has been designed to facilitate efficient and encrypted password communication to the end client via email.

Collateral Module

ODIN system provides collateral revaluation during the day so that the brokers can pass on the benefit of the collaterals to their end clients for trading in various exchange segments.

Auto Square Off Module

A Timer and Risk-based Square Off module enables member to define various rules for Automatic Square Off user Position to control the risk exposure of the broker.

Fund Allocation Module

Fund Allocation Module allows the user to allocate their available funds between product offerings of the broker. It also allows auto transfer of funds from one product to another at the discretion of the broker.

Two-Factor Authentication

Inherent support for Dual Authentication for internet-based users to prevent malicious trades and unauthorised access to the trading account.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) is an enterprise level solution for integrating and providing a common authentication framework across all applications within an Enterprise.


PMS offers a view to user’s investments in various different assets classes at one place and enables them to take informed decisions based on investment goals.

Administration Module

ODIN Administration Module is a role based application which facilitates segregation of rights and duties of the administrator. This provides for more control over the various aspects of the day-to-day operations of a broking firm.

Trader Workstation (Dealer Terminal)

ODIN Trader Work Station is an integrated Dealer trading application, with real-time exchange broadcast, Order Management, Trading reports along with various Decision support and Alert generating tools inbuilt to aid the dealers in making informed decision at the time of transactions.

Risk Management

ODIN Risk Management is an exhaustive Rule-based RMS engine supporting the mandatory as well as non-mandatory Risk parameters. These parameters are configurable to meet the business needs of the brokers.

Dash Board

ODIN Dashboard Monitor is a Dynamic, Unified Application to monitor all the critical components of ODIN in a single application. It enables IT Administrator/ Managers to proactively monitor, alert and report issues to avoid downtime during critical market hours, thereby, helping users to react quickly.

Messaging Utility (EBuzz)

EBuzz is a high-performance messaging solution that enables brokers to send pre-configured or ad-hoc messages to ODIN users. It provides a simplified method for messaging via different delivery channels such as Online, SMS or Email.

Call N Trade Terminal

A trading terminal designed specifically for the Call N Trade desk at the broker, enabling the end clients to call and get transactions done. These transactions are reconfirmed with two factor authentication to ensure that there are no unsolicited transactions in the user’s accounts.