Protector- Middle Office Solution: Real Time Risk MonitorAs the size and volume of Equity, Commodity and Currency Markets are growing at a phenomenal rate, Real-time Exposure and Margin management have become a critical requirement for all members dealing in Capital, Derivatives and Currency Markets. Due to fluctuations in the market, Margin requirements change rapidly as per the position taken by the end client. A member is not able to view the position of all end clients trading through him in different locations. As the number of clients grows, it becomes critical to know the clients who are in the High Alert area, where margin calls are required as the margin given in Cash & Non-Cash gets fully utilised.


Enables online margin report and margin comparison

Enables ‘What if’ analysis (margin calculator and margin forecast)

Enables automatic mailing to clients as per their defined alerts

Provides a dashboard which enables single screen obligation monitoring across all exchanges

Provides alerts based on requirements

Provides an arbitrage module

Provides Client Master

Enables Position Limit Monitoring

Value Proposition

Provides the initial margin and position of each client in the equity and derivatives segment, irrespective of the location of their VSAT and leased lines

Protector facilitates full access to the broker with regards to reports for all clients through ODIN or Exchange Terminal

Enables brokers to compare the deposit given by the client in cash and non-cash with the actual margin required by the exchange

Enables the clearing member (CM) to monitor the CP clients’ risks before accepting the trades on behalf of the CP client. The risk monitoring will be in terms of margin, MTM as well as position limit

Provides suggestion on whether to accept/ reject trades based on various definitions, hence aiding the CM to make informed decisions

Provides flexibility of creating custom file formats for the trade files provided by the Trading Member (TM) and reconciling trades accordingly (one-to-one and one-to-many)