A robust, secure and straight-through-settlement processing platform providing online trading member interface between fund houses, custodians and brokers, based on ISO-15022 messages. It provides secure connectivity to STP market participants, along with online status and message flow. STP-Gate offers messaging solutions for equity, derivatives and debt segment. STP-Gate has an elite clientele comprising over 175 Investment Managers, over 375 Trading Members and all the leading custodians in India as well as a few FIIs.


Enables flow of contract note and related messages between the brokers, fund houses and custodians in Standard ISO-15022 electronic messaging format

Facilitates online status monitoring at all stages e.g. confirmations/ rejections/ accept/ give-up by the counterparties

Enables to upload and download contract notes along with trade details, broker acknowledgments, settlement instructions and reconciliation

Facilitates authentication of messages with the help of digital certificates

Enables creation of multiple users and allows:

  • Adding and modifying of users
  • Assigning rights to the users

Ensures availability of data online thus saving the effort of manually keying it into a third party software

Enables view of -

  • User-wise logs of files uploaded/ downloaded
  • History details based on the status
  • Various activities performed
  • Entities that are online
  • Counter for the number of specific file downloads

Value Proposition

Risk Mitigation and Reduced Process Time

Online status update and information availability leading to reduced process time and risk in comparison to the scenario, where clients would have to call each other to confirm obligation status

Increased Automation

Seamless flow of information in electronic format and use of digital signatures resulting in increased automation and efficient operations


Implementation of standardised multiple messaging formats and software in a centralised hub leads to immense time and cost advantage for end-clients.

Complete and Secure Connectivity

Continuous connectivity among the different entities allows real-time message flow under a 128 bit SSL secure network.